The cellar is the home of the blends and hybridisations that define the essence of our wines.
In the cellar, our attempt is not to betray the multiplicity of these processes, i.e. the result of what happens in the field, in the unpredictable diversity of each individual vintage.

Here, we do not make plans a priori; rather, we set the conditions so that the wine can tell with as much vitality as possible where it comes from, by whom it was made.

The grapes ferment spontaneously, at uncontrolled temperatures, without the use of selected yeasts or any kind of oenological aid. We try to assist them right up to the bottle, avoiding filtrations, clarifications or any invasive techniques of any kind.
When we deem it necessary, we add minimal quantities of sulphur dioxide during the crushing and pre-bottling stages.

We process wine in containers of different shapes and materials.
Just as it happens in Nature, where each species interacts with specific, related forms; so we believe it happens in the transformation of grapes into wine. Each form and material contributes to bringing out the diversity of wines that are never standardised but change their appearance from year to year.


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