Tenuta Saiano is the agricultural project of the Maggioli family.

The company was established in 2003 with the purchase of the first land in the Casone area, where a community of families dedicated to subsistence farming lived after the Second World War. It now covers about 100 hectares of land in the shadow of the Montebello fortress in the province of Rimini.
From the very beginning we have adopted as our only agronomic method a management based on respect for biodiversity and the regenerative balance of our soils and Nature.

Tenuta Saiano is a complex, multi-purpose organism. We cultivate vines and olive trees, seasonal vegetable gardens and ancient varieties of fruit trees naturally, i.e. without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Cultivation shares breaths and space with the protective presence of the uncultivated forest, which accounts for about 50% of the farm’s surface area, and with the semi-wild breeding of certain animal species. A system full of different actors, of which we are observers and custodians.


We are located in Valmarecchia, a tongue of land that meets Romagna, Tuscany and the Marches, an area with a vocation for wine-growing on which we have decided to bet. Our vineyards are rooted at an altitude of approximately 400 metres above sea level in austere soils characterised by a complex of clay, arenitic cliffs and outcrops of salenitic chalk.
Relatively young soils, whose marine matrix is unmistakable.

The mostly spurred cordon trained vineyards are managed with care and proximity from pruning to harvesting, by manual operations only. In approximately 8 hectares of vineyards, we cultivate indigenous varieties such as Sangiovese, Grechetto Gentile and small parcels of Trebbiano Romagnolo; because they grow healthy here, they feel better.

Our intention is for the wines to express the territory, which is limbo between the Apennines and the Adriatic, but also the complexity of the company, the result of a dynamic and necessarily interconnected system; in which the biological balance of man, land and animals is the master. With this in mind, since 2020 we have approached the biodynamic method, in a layman’s guise and free of any certification.

Essentially, we seek to stimulate life, to care for the fertility of our soils by nurturing the synergies naturally present in Nature. The search for a vibrant wine, that is, one that tells the whole story of the flavours of this place in the most energetic way possible.